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CIO or chief information officer concept

How We Help

Virtual CIO or vCIO

A vCIO, or virtual CIO, a Company that serves as your organisation’s Chief Information Officer.

The vCIO collaborates with and advises your organizations IT departments and performs the same functions as a conventional CIO. As with traditional CIO’s, a Fractional CIO or vCIO helps your organisation with Technology Roadmaps, Business Process Improvements and Business Technology Strategy.  The main difference between the vCIO function and other technical advisory services is that the vCIO takes a broader view of the client, focusing on business and IT alignment.

This capsule is specially designed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), which typically aren’t able to afford a traditional CIO’s compensation package.  The vCIO can provide cost-avoidance advantages in a many ways, depending on the pricing structure.  A virtual CIO may also provide greater objectivity, since our team may be less subject to your organization's internal politics.

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