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What is FUE ?

Full Use Equivalent (FUE) is a crucial metric in SAP S/4HANA Cloud that determines the allocation of user access based on specific roles and capabilities. This metric helps organizations manage their SAP licenses effectively by categorizing users into various Use Types.

Types of Use

There are four primary Use Types:

  1. Advanced Use: For users needing comprehensive access.

  2. Core Use: For users requiring standard functionalities.

  3. Self-Service Use: For casual users with limited access.

  4. Developer Use: For users focused on development tasks.

Calculation of FUEs

FUEs are calculated by assigning different weights to each Use Type. Advanced Use typically has the highest weight, followed by Core, Self-Service, and Developer Use. This weighted approach ensures that the total FUE count reflects the organization's actual usage and needs.


The Business User Roles are mapped to kind of the User Classification. Some of the User Roles at a high level can be classified as the User Types Below. (A Finer Classification can be done during the project execution, considering the Business Users Usage of the System)

Finance Account / Purchase Manager : Advanced User

Sales Billing Clerk / Production Planning : Core User

Shop Floor Executors / Ware House Clerks / Senior Management (Approval) and Read-Only Data: Self-Service Users


Importance in Implementation

Understanding and correctly classifying FUEs is critical from the beginning of the implementation process. Proper classification helps in avoiding compliance issues and ensures that the organization maximizes the value of its SAP investment

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