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KonneKt Digital Assistant

KonneKt Platform is enterprise-grade virtual assistant specialized in dialog management.  Platform helps businesses to streamline enterprise information communications and is tightly integrated to SAP S/4 HANA to provide contextual and personal experience to customers, vendors and employees (“Business Partners”)


Business Partner Request Process Flow


SAP Event Process Flow



Enable a digital-first experience

KonneKt Platform is built with the set of technologies that automates messaging offering human-like interactions between computers and humans

Provide real-time, self-service

Reduces time-to-resolution and provides help to business partners when they need it.  The organisations improve their conversation experience by providing automated assistance to customers, vendors and employees.

Augment business interactions

Increase employee productivity and ecosystem engagement with user empowerment, task automation, and contextual insights

Employee self-service improve user experience

KonneKt helps contain internal questions, enabling the organization to consolidate internal support system in terms of conversations between the groups of people and departments.


  • Customer Invoices

  • Customer Account Balances

  • Customer Account Statements

  • Sales Insights

  • Purchase Order to Vendor

  • Vendor Payment Updates

  • Employee Leave Management

  • Finished Goods Inventory

  • Production Insights

  • Quality Insights

Employee meeting
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