Life Cycle Management of Linux Operating System

SAT Infotech professional discipline that involves working with, in or on any aspect of planning, delivering, operating or supporting for one or more Operating System (OS) Items or any and all solutions put in place to deal with such Items throughout the entire Operating System (OS) Management Lifecycle.

The process or processes that are put in place by SAT technology team assist in the management, coordination, control, delivery, or support of one or more Operating System (OS) Items, throughout their Lifecycles.


SAT Infotech facilitate the following activities of Operating System (OS) Management Lifecycle

    -> Installation

    -> Maintenance & Support 

    -> Patching

Although we’re based in Hyderabad, India, we have the means to support you from anywhere in the world. Learn more about Operating System Management Lifecycle for your computer instances on any Linux Distribution so that you can take your business continuity and disaster management to the next level.