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SATEdge for Metal Industries

SATEdge for Metal Industries is a cutting-edge Qualified Package Solution developed by SAT Infotech for GROW with SAP. Designed specifically for the unique and complex needs of the metal manufacturing industry, SATEdge leverages the robust capabilities of SAP to deliver a comprehensive, integrated solution. This solution enhances operational efficiency, ensures stringent regulatory compliance, and drives innovation through advanced technology. By seamlessly integrating core business processes such as procurement, production, quality control, and distribution, SATEdge provides real-time visibility and control over every aspect of your operations. This integration not only streamlines workflows and reduces operational costs but also enables metal manufacturers to respond swiftly to market changes and customer demands. With SATEdge, businesses can achieve higher productivity, maintain the highest standards of safety and sustainability, and position themselves at the forefront of the metal manufacturing sector.



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Transforming Metal Industries with Integrated SAP Solutions

Experience a revolution in your metal manufacturing operations with SATEdge, a comprehensive SAP-based solution. Designed to address the unique challenges of the metal industry, SATEdge provides integrated tools to streamline processes, enhance visibility, and drive business growth.

Achieve Operational Excellence with SATEdge

Unlock the full potential of your operations with SATEdge. By integrating all aspects of your manufacturing processes, SATEdge enables you to achieve superior efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity. Elevate your operational standards and stay ahead of the competition.

Seamless Integration for Superior Efficiency

Ensure that all your business processes work in perfect harmony with SATEdge. Our solution provides seamless integration from procurement to production, quality control, and distribution. Real-time data synchronization guarantees that every department operates with the most up-to-date information.

Image by yasin hemmati
Metal Tubes
Metal Tubes

Stay Compliant with Industry Regulations

Navigate the complex landscape of metal industry regulations with confidence using SATEdge. Our solution comes with built-in compliance features tailored specifically for the metal sector, ensuring you meet all regulatory requirements effortlessly. Automated reporting and documentation make compliance simple and stress-free.

Drive Innovation with Advanced Analytics

Transform your data into actionable insights with SATEdge's advanced analytics capabilities. Leverage real-time data to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and innovate continuously. Customizable dashboards provide a clear view of your operations, helping you stay agile and responsive.

Optimize Your Inventory and Supply Chain
Maintain optimal inventory levels and enhance your supply chain efficiency with SATEdge. Our solution provides comprehensive tools to manage your inventory and supply chain effectively, reducing risks and ensuring smooth operations even in the face of disruptions.

Enhance Sustainability and Safety

Commit to sustainability and safety with SATEdge. Monitor and improve your environmental impact with built-in sustainability tools, and ensure a safe working environment with robust safety management features. Achieve your sustainability goals while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Engineer on Tablet
Metallic Pieces

Quick and Efficient Implementation

Experience the advantages of a rapid implementation timeline with SATEdge. As a Qualified Package Solution, SATEdge is designed for quick deployment, allowing you to start reaping the benefits sooner. Our streamlined implementation process minimizes downtime and maximizes efficiency.

Expert Support Every Step of the Way

Benefit from SAT Infotech’s extensive experience and expertise in the chemical manufacturing sector. From initial consultation through implementation and beyond, our team provides comprehensive support to ensure your success with SATEdge. Partner with us to achieve your business goals.

Advanced Variant Configuration

Advanced Variant Configuration (AVC) in SAP is a high-performance, user-friendly solution designed to handle complex product configurations with enhanced efficiency. Leveraging SAP HANA's in-memory capabilities, AVC provides real-time processing and advanced features such as sophisticated dependency handling, multi-level configurations, and complex pricing models. Its intuitive interface improves usability, while its seamless integration with SAP S/4HANA ensures streamlined operations and consistency across various business processes. This makes AVC particularly beneficial for industries dealing with highly customizable products, enabling them to meet diverse customer requirements with greater flexibility and precision.

Key Features

End-to-End Business Process Integration

  • Sales & Distribution

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Production Planning

  • Quality Management

  • Order to Cash

Fixed-Cost Implementation

  • Predictable Cost

  • Transparent Approach for Implementation

  • Timely Delivery

Regulatory Compliance

  • Indian Regulations - Einvoice & Eway Bill Integration

  • GST Reporting Automation

  • Digital Signature 

  • Banks H2H Integration

Customized Output Management / Reports

  • Custom Output Templates for Billing Document, Purchase Order, Goods Receipts / Issue Documents

  • Sales Register / Purchase Register​

  • Order Fulfilment Reports

Cloud-Based Solution

  • Software-as-a-service solution

  • Infrastructure completely managed by SAP

  • Seamless Updates - 2 updates in a year

BTP Extensions and Automations

  • Custom COA

  • Digital Signature Solution

  • Einvoice & Eway Bill

  • GST Automation Solution

  • Combined Order

Package Plans


Ideal for companies for starting their GROW journey with a small footprint

1 Company Code, Upto 3 Plants

15-24 FUE



Ideal for companies with a vision to grow fast and scale up the business growth

Upto 3 Company Codes, 10 Plants

25-60 FUE



Ideal for companies growing exponentially

Upto 3 Company Codes, 10 Plants

61-200 FUE

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