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Alternate Approach

KavsK - SAT Private Cloud

Organizations today face business challenges that demand alternate approach to software deployments.  SAT assists enterprises seeking operational agility, tighter integration and better IT governance across applications and platforms through its cloud management services.  Managing application stalks hosted on cloud with right provisioning, utilization of resources and monitoring application performance that leads to maximum control on the virtually hosted resources is called Cloud Management.  KavsK (ka-sk) is an integrated Cloud Management Platform that provides management of public, private and hybrid cloud environments.  It incorporates a self-service interface to launch SAP application on Public Cloud (Amazon EC2, Google Compute) or Private Cloud Infra.


KavsK - SAT Cloud 4 SAP provides billing and metering to the end user with facility for application catalogs and provide advance features like monitoring, auto-scaling of infrastructure resources and handles availability across clouds (copies across clouds)

Managed Service Options


SAT takes care of infrastructure management services, and ongoing maintenance and support.  SAT also provides software updates to help and ensure that you are always running the most current version.  Servers are located in highly secure data centers that feature an array of physical and network safeguards to protect your sensitive business data.  SAT is certified to help you determine the right solution and configuration for your business requirements so that you can get started

quickly and only pay for the infra you need.

Greater Choice and More Flexibility

Focus on your core business

Spend less time and energy building and maintaining IT systems. 

Improve cash flow  

Avoid up-front cost, impact on cash flow and balance sheet, and lengthy approval cycles associated with capital expense financing. 

Lower your total cost of ownership

Lower your total cost of ownership by leveraging the expertise, centralized resources, and scale that only an experienced partner can provide.


Accelerate time to value

Don’t wait longer than need to get up and running.  Take advantage of the core competencies and infrastructure maintained by SAT to start realizing business value faster.

Reduce risk

Gain predictability and control by consolidating hardware and support costs into a single, per user, monthly subscription fee.

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