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‘E-invoicing’ or ‘electronic invoicing’ is a system in which B2B invoices are authenticated electronically by GSTN for further use on the GST portal.

Under the proposed electronic invoicing system, an identification number will be issued against every invoice by the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) to be managed by the GST Network. Invoice information will be transferred from this IR Portal to both the GST portal and e-way bill portal in real-time. 

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E-Way Bill
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 The e-Way bill is an electronically generated document which is required for the movement of goods from one location to another. This document is generated online on the National Informatics Centre (NIC) portal for transportation of goods, both inter and intra state and includes details such as name of consignor, consignee, point of origin of consignment, consignment destination and route. E-way bill is an electronic document generated on the National Informatics Centre (NIC) portal evidencing movement of goods.

SAT E-Invoice Solution

SAT InfoTech with its expertise in Tax Consulting, SAP ERP Implementation, Opensource Technologies, building and managing Private Cloud to host SAP workloads has come out with an integrated, automated solution that facilitates to transform SAP Invoice transactional data into a predefined format (JSON) and transfer it electronically to tax authority.  E-Invoice and E-Way Bill are processed in a single API call.  The solution facilitates direct connectivity to Invoice Registration Portal with API calls and does not require any process integration bridge.

SAT E-Invoice Data Flow
  • Sales invoice creation for outward supply in SAP ERP

  • Creation of source document (sales invoice, credit notes, debit notes) generates e-Document in SAP system which can be viewed, submit, cancel and monitor in SAP e-Document Cockpit.

  • The eDocument contains the relevant information for generation of  E-Invoice and E-Way bill at GST Portal.

  • Submission of the eDocument from eDocument Cockpit.

  • Solution transforms SAP Invoice transactional data into  a predefined exchange format (JSON) and transfer it electronically to tax authority (NIC & IRP) through SAT-EINV-BRIDGE

  • SAT-EINV-BRIDGE decouple the authentication token, encryption and decryption of the service package to provide universal connector to E-Invoice API.  

  • Send  JSON payload to GSTN IRP

  • The Tax portal performs the relevant validation, returns the 64 digit alphanumeric Invoice Reference Number (IRN), signed QR Code along with e Waybill number and the data gets flow to SAP System.

  • Receive the response in JSON from GSTN IRP and forwards to SAP E-Doc Cockpit.

  • Upon the receipt of processed information from the tax authority, the system updates the Invoice Reference Number (IRN), QR Code and e-Way bill number in SAP e-Document Cockpit.

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