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Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) is an ongoing industry trend toward the homogenization of data center hardware resources and a shift in value away from customized hardware platforms towards software control, orchestration, and service delivery solutions.  SDI solutions operate independently of any hardware-specific dependencies and are pro-grammatically controlled. They are mostly based on open source technologies

SAT has invested for more than one and half decade in building up an Opensource practice, with expertise in delivering end-to-end, state-of-the-art solutions in IT infrastructure environments. Through extensive experience and constant innovation, SAT Opensource competency offers cost-efficient, enterprise ready, reliable, secure, and scalable solutions built around Opensource platforms. Armed with certified resources, Opensource Practice has delivered enterprise-class solutions in the areas of Cloud solutions, OS re-platforming, clusters, virtualization and enterprise storage.

Open Source is part of most SDI implementations and many solutions for software-defined compute, software-defined storage, software-defined networking, convergent systems and orchestration and automation via various systems and domains are Open Source or Open Source-based. As such, Open Source is almost always part of SDI architectures.

SAT facilitate IT organizations be it Data center (Public Cloud) or Business Organization (Private Cloud) to benefit considerably from the automated processes SDI makes possible. Many manual tasks are eliminated by automatic, rule-based server provisioning, resulting in time-consuming error-prone upgrades and patches by IT employees, inconsistent server configurations and the risk of poor application and workload quality, and high downtime due to server failures become a thing of the past. IT security is enhanced as well, since many manual potential error sources are avoided.  SDI also simplifies storage provisioning. In hyper-convergent systems, storage is mapped directly at compute level and can be extended as required. Over-provisioning is therefore no longer necessary.

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